Amenta Gifts, expanding our reach

April 05, 2018

Amenta Gifts was created by three friends who have connections to different places in Latin America. They have always participated in volunteer and social programs to improve their communities, and out of this social conscience, they decided to expand their reach, by providing fair trade opportunities to artisans, indigenous and disadvantaged communities in Latin America.

Their goal is to help these communities gain economic security by enabling them to sell their unique products and giving them access to markets outside of their countries, in order to help them empower themselves and become sustainable.

To accomplish this, Amenta looks for high quality, state-of-the-art designed, locally sourced products to bring to their customers. They only select products they would use in their homes. Today they have forged strategic alliances with several suppliers in Latin America, but it is never enough; they are looking to grow and help as many communities as possible in order to market their beautiful products.