Amenta's handmade products

February 18, 2018

Handmade products are the refined result of highly skilled and hardworking people who are looking to step forward and provide a better life and education to their families. Today, people are looking to buy different products, items that are so unique, that not everyone has it.

That is where Amenta comes in. Three friends who started a business in order to provide fair trade opportunities to Latin American artisans, indigenous and disadvantaged communities. Amenta's goal is to help these communities empower themselves and become sustainable.

In this way, when you buy our unique products, made in different parts of Latin America; you will not only be getting a unique piece, you will also learn the story behind the product and artisan, but most important, you will be a part of such a great movement that is trying to address global poverty issues, promote education, social justice, fair trade, and improve communities in need.