Ecuador - Artisan’s country

May 11, 2017

Ecuador is known for many beautiful things, but it is well known for its artisan history. The artisan families have been creating handcrafting products with natural materials for many generations. Amenta is allowing this process to continue by creating a place where people can buy these unique goods that have been modernized for today’s world. A rich country in terms of natural resources and cultural diversity, Ecuador has an abundance of locally created goods to share with the world. Ecuadorian artisans have mastered their craft over the past 200 years or more, passing down their skills and knowledge to succeeding generations. This is why each quality product they create is truly original and unique and will be appreciated by the people who receive them.

Ecuadorians have historically watched the bulk of their fruits earned from the sweat of their brow fall into the hands of middlemen. But recently, many Ecuadorian cooperatives and organizations have begun to try to change this unfair practice. Companies like AMENTA have helped to create fair trade practices for artisans so they can have the real piece of the pie that has always belonged to them.