Ethnic decor in Mexico, a country’s heritage

May 09, 2017

For years, Latin American artisans had made ethnic decorations in their houses. These decorations were based on their roots with colorful patterns and great handcrafted textiles. Everything in their houses were handmade and carefully done in every single detail. The decorations are beautiful, meaningful, and connected to history. This a strong heritage that should never be lost. We live in a changing world but we should never change a country’s past and instead, we should participate by helping to maintain every country's heritage.

One of our main goals is to preserve world heritage by empowering artisans so we can carry on traditional practices today. We also invest in making them economically viable using fair trade. We not only ensure that certain methods survive, we also support a good and sustainable life for them, their families and communities. We hope that these traditions stay alive for hundreds of years.