Handcrafting Artisans

May 03, 2017

Handcrafting is not an easy thing. Creating something by hand whether it is a pillow or a hat can bring a lot of pleasure to its maker,  but even more to the person who is getting that unique product.
When we create something by ourselves and give it to someone, we experience an incredible and unique feeling difficult to describe. We also empower our artisans to create modern decor and unique products with natural materials. We want to help these artisans make beautiful products. We want to be a part of the handcrafting process that makes it possible for our customers to get the unique goods that our artisans create. Fair trade enables us to pay our artisans and help them make quality products and support their families and create sustainable communities. All of our hats, pillows, rugs, throws... everything in our shop is part of this amazing process.