Working with Artisan Communities

June 04, 2017

For several years, artisans from different regions have expressed their traditions, passion, and love through their handmade work. Today, some people are interested in their work being recognized and monetarized to help its communities.

Amenta arises from the friendship of three women who come from different countries and have strong connections with various places in Latin America. Their commitment to helping others and getting involved with Latin artisans is what pushed them to create this amazing online platform to promote artisan’s clothes, decor, and the natural materials and techniques they use to handcraft unique pieces that tell so much more than a story.

All items are carefully chosen so they can meet the quality standards we have established in order to offer distinctive state-of-the-art, modern products. We are continuously working on forging new alliances with various suppliers that are looking to expand the artisans work worldwide.

Together we can improve communities in need from Latin America.


Photos by Pais Textil.