Gatofisha Toy (Tic-Tac-Toe)



Sixteen elements made of fine/noble materials that, coordinated between them, give birth to the Gatofisha. A toy and also a family game in which 10 wooden sheep are embroidered with natural sheep’s wool. And so, five white sheep and five black sheep confront in the classic “Gato” (tick tack toe) game.

Ten little sheep made of reused native wood and artisan-crafted sheep’s wool, give birth to this creative toy and family game the traditional “Gato” (tick tack toe), that in addition to train logical thinking, also stimulates fine motor control, patience, and analytical thinking.

Each Cardboard box of 18x12x8cm contains:

  • 10 sheep made of reused native wood
  • 2 ball of yarn made of natural sheep’s wool
  • 2 needles made of reused native wood
  • 1 infographic leaflet
  • 1 fabric bag for transportation and also as a game board

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